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This is one fact which I always think off that why students (both college and school) do these days don’t even see the newspapers!! A very realistic example can be provided via an analysis. Students find time in the morning to apply mascara for eyes, sunscreen for face, lip balm, fairness creams and so on.

It is not that many complain these are wrong but when they spend majority of time to do these things it just takes just a few minutes to glance at the headlines at least. Many are not even aware of day to day events!! Guess many don’t know that the apple Inc Company CEO Steve jobs has resigned (which happened long ago) which is tech news.

I really get pissed off when people say I don’t have time!! However, still for those who say this childish reason I think I can give some few suggestions which are as follows, while you travel in bus or train instead of listening to songs you can read newspapers, or if you feel sleepy you can solve Sudoku.

Like this way we can utilize our time in an efficient manner to read newspaper. Today because of internet which is easily available at cheaper rates even in our cell phones we get updated easily. Nevertheless the art of reading newspaper is truly amazing.

Reading newspapers daily can improve our communication skills, vocabulary; will come to know more words and their meanings. Most importantly the art of creative and beautiful writing is exciting. Though these days many don’t read newspapers nobody will leave a job if they get placed in The Hindu and all.

There are many newspapers who do publish their newspaper online for free at least we must try reading it since nowadays tab also has features like 3g, touch screen and so on. Thus I conclude that by reading newspaper you don’t waste anything, only you gain more.

Why only so few students read newspaper – an inspirational note
Originally published on: All India Today

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