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Play Games - Facebook - http The first all range video in this years series, lets see what some of the bolt specs can do, as well as the new(ish) bane bolts. Intro music by David Orr -Main Music- Pathway to the Moon by Pathfinder Official website - http Facebook - Huge thanks to the following for helping out with the video: Zelda Boi Ssonic Gareth Poke R14 iBlade PvM Alexei Neo Hex Foxx Demon Star Knite Gray Sea Hi Im Sup3r Brayden -FAQ & Info- No ruby? Ruby bolts can only be maxed during quests and the damage they cause isn't affected by the normal combat formula (taking into account range lvls, prayers, pots, damage boosts etc). So I don't see the point in doing them as they're not repeatable after the quests and cause 'special' damage. Diamond & Onyx Neither of these are the absolute max as far as I'm aware, but they are very close. Both took way longer than I thought they would and turned out to actually be quite difficult to max. After easily spending 10+ hours on each of them, I decided to just stick with those hits in light of trying to finish the video this weekend. I'm fairly sure they're no more than 5 damage off the max hits, so nothing major. :P Bane bolts You unlock the ability to make/use bane bolts after completing Ritual of the Mahjarrat. There are 4 different types and each only hits higher on specific monsters (eg dragonbane bolts only work on dragons). ------------------------------ You can play ...