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Captain Robert Falcon Scott -- the name conjures up the image of an English hero, walking to his death in the Antarctic after having reached the South Pole just a month after the famed Norwegian, Roald Amundsen.The public focus on the death of Scott and his Polar Party in 1912 -- during one of the worst Antarctic winters on record -- overshadowed another remarkable story from the same expedition: the amazing survival of Scott´s Northern Party.The story of the six men of the Northern Party during that same winter is one of the greatest endurance feats in Antarctic history -- yet it remains largely unknown. The group spent an unplanned winter in an ice cave on Inexpressible Island and after that, had to trek 250 miles back to Scott´s base.As a small boy Tony Fleming´s mother, Jocelyn Priestley, often spoke of of the Northern Party´s heroic story. His grandfather was Raymond Priestley, the youngest member of the group.This year, on the centenary of the expedition, Tony became the first member of the Priestley family to re-visit Antarctica and trace his grandfather's footsteps.