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I'm doped to the gills on time// I'm addicted to traveling back/// I'm too fat to beg for plutonium on Park Avenue. We're building a better business model for humans. We're going to live in pods in Kansas City. We'll all go into deep freeze. Hibernate until it's time to thaw out humanity. And in our velvety sleep chambers, we'll stuff our heads with every thought that has ever been thought/// And play back the greatest hits of our species for the plasticine dads on Astroturf lawns and the Venusian Stepford wives for amusement. Chorus: Look into the sun until you're blind with love. I can't see you father, you're frozen in my mind./// You've programmed me to conform to your vision of the future. You're a seer, but I can't see. I'm a be-er, but I ain't me. I'm an apocalypse in a hurricane, a B&E in the sunshine. You are true to the cult, but I'm just helter-skelter/// jacked up on peanut-butter/// It gave me nightmares for months. Here in my sleep chamber, everything is better. Nothing is real, but nothing really needs to be. Nothing has to be. It's warmer this way. Deep in the valley, deep in the valley, I died today. I died for her today. I was happy to do so. It's time to awake the sleepers. Fill their feeding tubes with a syringe of a loving infection./// For love doesn't come in a pill or a tube or a shot in the arm/// It's a jolt to the head. Deep in the recesses of your mind, I'm a soldier for all time-- fighting for our losses, and a more cost-effective way to make ...