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If it's the end of the week, then its Tech Update time, and this week we're firing on all cylinders with better cameras, better sound, and no Bauer, that's right not a single Bauer in sight, so please, lay off the comments having to do with him. Going to start this off with video game news, it's an awesome week for video games, such as the Gears of War 3 picking up steam after launching last week, Deus EX releases their first DLC mission, PC gaming winning over console gaming, the Wii U makes an appearance, got some battlefield 3 beta footage and nvidia and AMD driver updates solely for BF3, Bethesda suing Minecraft creator case update, and Half Life 3 News. In other Tech News, we also take a look at the OCZ Z-drive review, CM Storm Trooper Case, Bachmann using Farmville in his campaign, and Apple being denied a patent. Tech Update #110 has everything you need this week and everything you didn't need with a side of 100 percent no Bauer. Not Links: PC to overtake console by 2014: Notch News: Gabe Newell's Haiku: Skyrim voice cast: Solar for you? Psycho EA Legal: Duke Nukem 3D Unreal 3 version on hold: Bachmann and Farmville: AMD Beta Drivers for BF 3: BF 3 Beta footage: OCZ Z-Drive R4 CM88 (1.6TB PCIe SSD) Review: woo DLC for DE HR: gamerant ...