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DVD can be purchased here: This the the story of a little girl day dreaming at her window on a rainy day about being the star of a music video...her dream soon becomes a reality!!! This story is apart of the now available Instructional DVD from Tony Czar, Lil BIGZ and Urban Empire at: For years now, the new up-and-coming generation of dancers has been waiting for a refreshing burst of inspiration. It's now here!!! The world renowned duo of Tony Czar and Lil' Bigz has finally put their hottest moves on an instructional DVD to share with the world! This DVD not only provides dancers of all levels a fun and invigorating way to workout, but also can be used as an important tool to improve skills in street dance from Beginner Level all the way to Professional. Unlike other DVD's where you learn limited pieces of choreography, this DVD provides SIX incredible routines, covering ALL SKILL LEVELS! Also, to add to the numerous reasons why this HOT street dance instructional DVD is breaking all boundaries, we have added four professional music videos starring Lil' Bigz, the Urban Empire kidz, and special guests Ian Eastwood (international choreographer/dancer, young lions, kub scoutz), Joesar Alva (ABDC, Jason Derulo), Anti Fischer (Australia), Yuko Goto (Japan), and Shane Cusack (London). This DVD is packed with so much talent, fun, and hot original music. The NEW GENERATION of dance has arrived.........Join in and catch-on to ...