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Available on Original video here: Shirts now available at Lyrics are below (but you can also turn on the captions by clicking the CC button below the video.) Hot Jumping Beans Girl, no matter what I do I'm gonna make you love these Hot Jumping Beans So sad that you don't care a thing about These jumping beans Pigs feet, yeah And jumping beans (And jumping beans) And red Kool-Aid This here's the real stuff I think you want 'em Take your beans She might not want 'em Hot Jumping Beans (hot jumping beans) Girl, I wanna share 'em High five Horses (palominos) Insects (nah, nah, nah) And jumping beans Jumping beans tonight. Bacon! Ham! I'm hungry Hot Jumping Beans Hot Jumping Beans Hot Jumping Beans On Tuesday My jumping beans Our jumping beans Hot Jumping Beans (and cookies) Hot Jumping Beans With me (and me) Let's just roll (I need a HoHo) And get us some beans (With a whole lot of ketchup) Hot Jumping Beans My jumping beans Our jumping beans I love you like he loves Frito-Lay Do, Re, Mi, I've got the beans for you baby Or me Hot Jumping Beans That's stupid How would you know? You talk for hours about dough That's just wrong Hot Jumping Beans One shoe is too big Music and Lyrics © 2011, Bad Lip Reading