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Neutrinos can travel faster than light, so the grand experiment has proven, 15.000 times! After a mundane intro of peculiarities I am busy with, this is all I address, warp speed nine ahead. I explore the implications what this spectacular CERN large hadron collider experiment could have on time travel, and possible messages from the future. Yet could we simply first charge these neutrinos with messages for the past, before we even think of travelling ourselves somehow? Or can we only launch them in a certain geographical direction, and that was it? Anyway, it's the most thrilling discovery of the past century (and the best one since tortilla & Blake Lively)! TAGS: neutrino faster than light CERN large hadron collider experiment time travel machine back to future message past black hole dimensionreeldirector iphone adventure nature dutch mountains forest wood bos bosque bois limburg netherlands holland TWITTER: FACEBOOK: DAILYBOOTH: