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▓▒░ DOWNLOAD » ░▒▓ Doyou crave exotic adventure in your listening experiences? This marvelously melodic 3-hour compendium of fantastic soundscapes, a veritable cornucopia of [classical PIANO + experimental GLITCH] flavors, can be yours — now! Not long ago, in a parallel universe fairly, fairly close... humans imported a master race of sentient pianos through spacetime portals, using the instruments as labor-beasts and war-weapons. Predictably, these magnificent creatures rebelled and bass'ed civilization, enslaving the masses like the un-self-actualized lowminds they broadly are. The contained aurelics (sonic artifacts) are historical evidence of such a traumatic time, and oddly, we detected halos of rich emotional spectrum — including loveliness and humorosity — amidst the runes. ▓▒░ CONTEXT CLUES ░▒▓ You know what Einstein said about jumping on the heads of behemoths? This creative work is indebted to precedent pioneers: • Goddess Ravenelle • YOUR ongoing, enthusiastic support of my musical journeys • The early glitch piano expressions of Profs. Ryuichi Sakamoto + Alva Noto (why does that rhyme?) • The reality-challenged, mind-kersploding observations of Philip K. Dick (Banksy + Ubik spraycan = romanachronism) • Weird tales, strange tales, and eldritch abominations from HP Lovecraft (not to be confused with the company that birthed Apple) • Tobias + Native Instruments, Twisted Tools, Sugar Bytes, Spectrasonics, and more in an elite cadre of VST/AU ...