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Watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer - - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Tyrese talks Transformers 4! Hey there Transformers fans, ImTatiana carrier and Ive got the latest on Transformers 4! Thanks to movieweb, we have the details on Tyrese opionions on T4! AS we have previously reported, its pretty much confirmed that Michael Bay and star Shia LaBeouf won't be back for Transfomers 4, but Tyrese Gibson hopes that is not the case, even if it means we have to wait a bit longer for the sequel. In an exclusive with movie web, heres what tyrese had to say: "My humble prediction would be that... we're at $1.1 billion. I think, with the success ofTransformers: Dark of the Moon, both Michael Bay and Shia probably want a break from the franchise, but there's no way, I believe, that, at some point, they're not going come back to do Transfomers 4." Very optimistic! He also went on to say that maybe the guys just need a little time...he said, "Maybe they need a few years to get a few other creative things out of their system, which is understandable, but for people to love this franchise around the world like they do, it's damn-near crazy to not give the fans what they love and enjoy again." Well we agree tyrese its DAMN NEAR INSANITY!!!!! As we get more details on T4, you know we will keep you guys posted...but im dying to know, do you guys think shia and Michael bay are REALLY ready to say goodbye to the franchise ...