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or You can find the burst tool here: The Burst Avocado. Search "Burst Avocado" on! Features, Innovations and improvement on the Avocado Burst. Turns the "Full Auto" function on your AEG into "3~12 round burst" firing mode. Programmable continuous shoot mode of 30 round burst. Unplug in seconds to return your AEG to full auto mode. The burst starts when you pull the trigger, not when you release the trigger. User-friendly: In-line programmable, user can program the AEG to "X round burst" from the trigger in seconds! "SUPER EASY" installation in seconds! It doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. Controlled by USA Made circuit chip with life time warranty. Equipped with up-to-date power MOSFET technology! Active breaking technology employed. Beep tones available for programming confirmation and battery low indication. Self-adjust battery status to suit various types of batteries. Life Time Warranty.