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Play Games - Facebook - http Seen a few people struggling with these, so figured it would be worth making a quick guide on how to kill them effectively. Glacor are a new high level monster you unlock after completing Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Doing everything as shown in the video should allow you to kill them with just a unicorn for healing (and an enhanced excalibur for extra health - eg healing from ovl). Letting you take more prayer pots and lengthening your trips/increasing KPH. It seems to take just under a minute and a half to kill one Glacor with Fire Surge, so ~40 kills an hour should be a decent kill rate. --Music-- To the Island of Immortal Fire by Pathfinder Official website - Facebook - http ------------------------------ You can play Runescape at ------------------------------ =FAQ & other= What do they drop? They drop 3 new pairs of boots which are now the best in the game for each of the three combat types. Glaiven(range), Ragefire(mage) and Steadfast(melee). They also drop Armadyl shards, which are used to make a new rune "Armadyl runes", which can be used to cast a new spell "Storm of Armadyl". They can also be used to create an Armadyl orb, which when added to a battlestaff makes an Armadyl battlestaff that will enhance the effects of Storm of Armadyl. Prayer switching It is possible to switch prayers before you take any damage from the regular attacks. To do this requires extra concentration ...