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Hey everyone!I have received countless requests to film an updated makeup collection video & I finally decided to film one for you guys! I filmed this last weekend when I was very sick, so I couldn't come on camera to say this to you guys but please read & enjoy :)I am in no way, shape, or form trying to brag about my makeup collection. I have been collecting since 2008 & makeup has turned into a huge passion of mine. 99% of the time, I pay for my own makeup. I earn my own money ,& although I like to purchase other things, I love to buy makeup and experiment with new and different products... I'm obsessed! I understand that I have more makeup than any human being needs. I completely get that! Some people like to buy a lot of comic books or cd's, I like makeup :)Please know that if you feel the need to leave a negative comment, keep it to yourself or you will be blocked right away. Negativity is not welcome here :)With that said, I hope everyone who likes these types of videos enjoy mine! Tomorrow is my third anniversary on YouTube and I just want you to know that I love you all more than you know. These past three years have been amazing. I made so many amazing friends & got to know so many of you. Thank you for welcoming me back after my break and always supporting me! XOAllieHow to reach me!iPhone Channel: (PERSONAL) (MAKEUP)http://alliesblogsales.tumblr.com2nd Channel are OPI Panda-Monium Pink :)