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Play Games - Bookface - http Got the final piece for the Vanguard set yesterday and have had quite a lot of questions asked about it since it's release. So I made a quick video with some basic info and video footage of one of the new full hybrid sets! I'm not sure if/when I'll get the other two, at the moment I'd consider them a waste of bank space since I won't be using them :PI may get them in the future when I'd have a use for them. -Music- 'Vessel' by Bad Lamps --FAQ/more info-- -Max hits- I've done a little testing with the set since getting it and it appears not to increase max hits. For what reason I don't know, statistically it should add a little extra damage onto 2 handed weapons (with the extra+8 strength bonus). I assume it's one of the following: The 15% damage increase doesn't stack with the damage boost from a brace on the flag holder, I'm doing something wrong (I've tried maxing with the helm in my invent and in the bank, both didn't seem to work though) or it could just be the testing I done was just unlucky hits (which is unlikely, maul can hit 948 with profound and I barely reached around the 850 mark with Vanguard, if it could hit higher it should have hit at least 900+ in the time I was maxing). So I'm guessing there will be no increase in max hits over profound, unless Jagex change it. I'll continue to test the set occasionally to see if anything changes. -Stats- The stat bonuses for the set only work in the ...