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Here is my cover of World of Warcraft's 'Temple of the Moon' which I think is one of the most soothing and soporific tracks in the game. My cover is decidedly less soporific, but I couldn't resist allowing it get epic xD There was a ton more I could have done with this piece, but alas time is ticking and there are album tracks to do! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE VIDEO~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first machinima-style video! It was both really really hard and also awesome that I could manipulate absolutely everything about a scene and the characters. Much more fun than editing with pre-made clips! Every scene took tons of planning , and my previous editing skill came in really handy. I now have nothing but respect for editors that make machinimas on a regular basis!!! :O ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LYRICS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kal'dorei, Kal'dorei Asha're, Asha're Leyashnu, bela'thil Kal'dorei, Kal'dorei Asha're, Asha,re Lei'alah, Darnassus, bela'thil Kal'dorei, Elune adore Lei'alas Teldrassil Kal'dorei, Elune adore Lei'alas anu, bela'thil ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'TEMPLE OF ...