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We thought we'd have an easy day, kicking off with relaxing at the beach of Playa de Palma first. Yet after the fish hunt in Palma, like good Templars do, we went to exhaust Pichi at a park in Coll d'en Rabassa. But the length of the walk, and the humidity, sure got the best of our strenghts. Yet the sundown at the seaside sure was priceless, something you miss in the south of the Netherlands. Nevertheless, in the end I made a shocking discovery, that once again made me doubt, why I'd even bother still. Well, just for me, my family, and my 5 loyal viewers then ;) TAGS: mallorca playa de palma arenal Spain beach summer sun holiday vacaciones verano sol coll d'en rabassa park dogs run running sundown sea TWITTER: FACEBOOK: DAILYBOOTH: