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After too long of a hiatus Dinner for Fiends is back and better than ever. At least we hope so. You see, part of the reason for the long delay was trying to work out the logistics of how to make the actual show itself sound better. Well, thanks to a myriad of well placed phone calls, swiping credit cards, and of course SCIENCE, we've done just that!

Also, now that we have the infrastructure that we needed in place, we plan on doing the show a lot more often so yeah, no more seven-month waits for you to get your horror fix!

That being said, get ready to join myself, Matt, Andrew, Buz, and Foy as we discuss everything from Super 8 to Final Destination 5 in an hour and a half of sheer madness, lost control, and dealing with Foy living in his shack.

Oh, and for those of you who listen all the way through - the answer is 10! (You'll know it when you hear it!)