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Around 15% of private school students from upper middle class families are suffer from eye disorders due to various problems. But corporation school students are less than private school students because only 5% of corporation school students suffer from eye disorders. This truth has been revealed by the preliminary findings of a project which was taken by Rajan Eye Care Hospital.

To overcome the eye disorders among children, the Government introduced a project called Refractive Errors Education and Prevention (REEP) in 2008. Based on this project, many doctors worked for last three years and tested 1.5 lakh students in the age group of 4-12 in 200 schools in the city. Dr Mohan Rajan, Chairman and medical director of Rajan Eye care Hospital said, “So far, we have screened 1.2 lakh students in corporation schools and 30,000 students in affluent schools. We hope to screen at least another one lakh student by next year”.  He also added, “The students from these schools are suffers from long sight, short sight, squint, cataract and glaucoma. Children in these schools have access to computers, video games and mobile phone and spend all their time after school on such equipment.

On an average, these kids watch TV for at least one and a half hours every day. They also spend lesser time than corporation
school children outdoors”. The result of this survey says that corporation students spend more time on outside than the
affluent schools. So, affluent schools students failed to get the vitamin D from the sunlight which is result in the disease
called myopia. The doctor says, “Anything more than half an hour spent in front of TV, computer or mobile phone may be
harmful for young eyes. So, parents should encourage their children in outdoor games”.

15% of private school students suffer from eye disorders:
Originally published on: All India Today

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