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Thanks for watching! I tag everyone! Heres the questions! QUESTION PART 1) How fit would you consider yourself to be? 2) Are you happy with the shape you're in? 3) Do you play any sports, maybe even competitively? 4) Besides playing those, do you exercise as well? 5) How many days per week are you either playing sports or exercising? 6) How dedicated are you with regard to sports and exercising? 7) Do you have a favourite exercise? 8) How important is leading an active and healthy lifestyle for you? 9) Do you pay attention to how healthy you are eating? 10) Do you smoke regularly, once in a while, or not at all, or have you smoked in the past? ACTIVE PART 1) 1 minute of sit-ups 2) 1 minute of regular push ups on your toes (I know those are hard! But even if you can only do very few, just keep trying and don't do them on your knees!) 3) 1 minute of squats 4) 1 minute of modified push-ups on your knees this time 5) If you want, show us your favourite exercise from question 7 above!