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(LYRICS POSTED BELOW)National Crime Records Bureau says over 200,00 farmers in Punjab have committed suicide since 1997 due to the fact that they are heavily in debt and unable to repay their lenders.Punjabi farmers are also going through a water crisis in which the Indian government has restricted water rights for irrigation, making it extremely inefficient and expensive for farmers to maintain their crops and land.The Government has also allowed for the usage of unregulated pesticides and fertilizers to counterbalance the low productivity resulting in major health problems in the people of Punjab.Saint Soldier & Sukhraj have written and performed this track in hopes of raising global awareness of this issue.Download this single at:iTunes (by donation) by Mani D & Stillwater FilmsShot/Edited by Mani DMusic/Mixing/Mastering by Mani DCelebrity Stylist & Choreographic Assistance by Trendy Couture's YasmineSpecial Thanks to the crew: Sat, Yasmine, Paul, Rav, Gov, Bird, CharlieFor Inquiries contact:Charlie Rattancharlie@sorawtalent.comhttp://www.SaintSoldierMusic.comhttp://www.SukhrajMusic.com in Raag JaunpuriCopyright 2011LYRICS:Dear Guru ji,I'm a simple family man, living in punjabwearing hand-me-downs, cuz farming is my joband the crop last year didn't do so good..i guess i was misunderstoodwhen i, prayed that you would send aangel to save a sinnerbecause a father cannot see his children gettin thinner--anyway, im running outta options herethe bank sent me a letter making my options clearthe 40 percent interesthas got me in debt and i cannot ingestor swallow the fact that my son is doin crackThe governments doing the sikhs like the states did the blacks (shit)the 5 rivers are running abundantbut I can't get a single drop from themone then, two, then three, then four, now fiveof the farmers in my village have committed suicideBut what about me?Sukhraj (Hook):Suk hi na jaavey rabaa mitti eh Punjab di,(Lord may the land of Punjab not run dry)Muk hi na jaavey kittey hondh vi kisaan di.(May the farmers existence not cease to be)I say what about me, have a little mercywhat about me, my farm lands thirsty.What about me? do I even matter?Feels like the government always had a vendettafor my people, i am fed upi get up in the morning but can no longer keep my head upinstead a them makin it betterI feel like they have set up a Sikh for failureKnee deep in poverty, kids I have failed yalord cultivate my propertythe wells run dry and it don't run properlyNo more- weight on top of me is more than I can bareAnd I'm runnin outta choicesPlus Punjabi farmers don't really have voicesIn mainstream media, we live under opressionBollywood is feedin us lifestyles suggestiveOf lettin go of my rootsI cannot walk in these boots any longerand my will to survive aint gettin any strongertell me father will you have a little mercymy children are starving and my farms lands thirstySukhraj (Hook):Suk hi na jaavey rabaa mitti eh Punjab di,(Lord may the land of Punjab not run dry)Muk hi na jaavey kittey hondh vi kisaan di.(May the farmers existence not cease to be)I say What about me, can I get a little mercy?Is water not a birthright for someone who's thirsty?If I could feed my crops with the rivers that I cryI can't deny. I would deliver from these eyesWhat about me? What about my family?What about my rights? Where is the humanity?It's fight or flight, n I think I'm gonna flyRabba menu maaf kar(lord forgive me), i think I'm gonna dieA farmer suicide..Will you have a little mercy,my children are starving and my farm lands thirsty (X3)