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Name: MusubiAnime: SekireiVoice Actor: Sayori Hayami------------------------------------------------------------­-------------------­­­-­--------------------------BiographyThe heroine. Minato's first Sekirei. She met Minato when she fell out of the sky. She is a power-Strength-type Sekirei. After hearing Tsukiumi say that she is Minato's wife she decides that she is gonna be his wife too. She is very naive and often says things she does not understand. She also eats a lot (her name means rice ball). At times she has a ferocious bear appear behind her. The reason given is because she is Miya's disciple.(Source: Wikipedia)------------------------------------------------------------­-------------------­­­-­--------------------------ListNr.09: MusubiNr.10: Jubei YagyuuNr.11: Akane MishimaNr.12: Erza ScarletNr.13: Yomi IsayamaNr.14: Morte AsherahNr.15: Ryofu HosenNr.16: Eve NeuschwansteinNr.17: Rosette ChristopherNr.18: Satellizer el BridgetNr.19: SaberNr.20: Kuro------------------------------------------------------------­-------------------­­­-­--------------------------