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**NOTICE! WE ALREADY HAVE A LUCY (SG) BUT WE DON'T HAVE A CASEY (DL) SO IF YOU ARE AUDITIONING FOR LUCY (SELENA GOMEZ) YOUR AUDITION WILL COUNT FOR CASEY (DEMI LOVATO). SO IF YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR VIDEO AUDITION DOWN DON'T WORRY EVERYTHING WILL BE OK.**YOU CAN AUDITION FOR ANYONE! COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO AUDITION. :)This is a story i'm writing with the talented vhudgens1fan! Anyone can audition!Vanessa is a twin! So we already have two characters casted so you better hurry!RULES:-Be committed-Be able to show fear in voice*-Be able to turn lines in on time-Be able to have fun with their characterCAST w/ LINES:Jordan (Zac Efron):-Seriously this is getting out of hand!-Who are you!Carly [twin] (Vanessa Hudgens)-*screams* Get away you creep!-Nate run!Chandler (Justin Bieber)-Stella get away from here!-What do you want from us?!Charlie (Ashley Tisdale)-Lucy what's going on?!-Okay this is starting to get scary.Josh (Joe Jonas)-Lucy run! Now!-It isn't safe here! We could die!Nate (Nick Jonas)-What are we supposed to do?!-Casey, we're all scared! Not just you!Chase (Logan Lerman)-Chandler look out!-Please don't kill us!Stella (Ariana Grande)-Jordan I can't find Grace!-What the? *screams* Help!Please audition! It's a horror so show fear in your lines! Good luck!-Aly!