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After enjoyed the hot weather, it is time to take care of precautions for cold weather. There is a chance of getting viral fever, gastroenteritis and vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria in the cold weather. Dr B Gupta, head of the department of medicine, Safdarjung Hospital said, “We have been getting a lot of cases of gastro-intestinal diseases like diarrhea, cholera, jaundice and typhoid. But most of these patients are treated in the OPDS; indoor admissions are less”.

Doctors also gave confirmation on rise of such diseases. By recommended precautions, it is easy to free from such diseases. It is necessary to stay away from stagnant water because it is the major cause for breeding of mosquitoes. The major precaution is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at home and outside. Dr Rommel Tickoo, senior consultant, internal medicine at Max Hospital said refrigerated, tinned, stored food is not healthy and it should be avoided. Dr Bir Singh, head of community medicine department, AIIMS, said, “Outside foods and unhygienic foods should be avoided. Food poisoning is very common in this season”. Infections in nose, throat, windpipe and lungs caused due to Rhinoviruses.

Tickoo said, “One should avoid congested areas and consult a doctor if it says complicated beyond two-three days. People suffering from chronic heart diseases, kidney problems, diabetes and children are more at risk”. “The MCD people are working to reduce mosquito breeding and help the people”, Dr V K Monga, Chairman of the MCD Health Committee said. The NS 1 tests for confirming dengue has been approved by the civic body. Aedes aegypti mosquito is the main root cause for the dengue.
The NS 1 tests are faster than other such tests for dengue. The Government is also working to equip these facilities in all hospitals soon.

Doc – Viral fever on the rise, precautions should be taken:
Originally published on: All India Today

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