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[disclaimer - this youtube site exists for our own amusement, we're not here to entertain you lot...]Von Gladden [slack vocals & guitar] & Hovercraft [in the booth] praise Bob in a right proper dylan style....disco herein as lifted from 'The Chronic Debasement Tapes'...wherein all Bob Dylon is now 1/2 price on QVC -yesh.. that's right -with this 72 CD fully inclusive handy home kit - you can now also dye your collars and cuffs appropriately to augment your next door neighbours burgeoning guitar and singer songwriter skills...PLUS - for an unlimited period, the first 100 million box sets of this fully functional kit also come with 23 different eco-friendly ampules full of gloop... each ampule has been designed to frizz and perm you up in a right proper dylan style [... i.e. spandex loon pants & a 10 gallon hat circa 1973...]...kit also contains a pretty little bow ...jangles of beau spangle sugar free gob stoppers... and a specialist Christmas greeting from Bono while cocks last...[...terms and conditions apply ]© $acred Cow $laughterhaus MMXiguitar & singing - D. G ...control booth voice-over B.H.