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People are all the same? There are biological clocks? cosmic clocks? order and sense of organization? how does business operate in this environments - this is a short segment in a small area on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan between 53rd Street and between 49th Street and 50th Street and then right into Rockefeller Center where the Ice Skating Rink is - what do you see that people have purchased - what are they wearing - what are the medical implications for people in this area - are they healthy - ill - in need of attention and care - are they dressed properly? what can we determine about the economics of this region - do you see any signs of art at all in this video - did you hear any music - what type of ideas can the thinkers derive from spending time in this area - what is being advertised in this area and what and where is advertising taking place that draws people to this particular area in Manhattan in New York City in New York State in the United States of America - how can we relate farming to what is occurring right in front of your eyes in this video - and just where are there any sales being made if any at all right in front of your eyes - how many people are blogging about things that are going on right in front of your eyes while they are not even in this area at all - how many businesses have gone out in this particular area which is known to be the prime location in all of the world - how many people are talking on cel phones - walking with shopping bags - are ...