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The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 23 - The Monopolar Expedition
HD quality!!! Watch now all new episodes! Do not waste Your time by searching Your favorite video Continue watching The big bang theory on our blog free of charge all episodes ep tvshow tv show spoiler latest finale 2011 preview part1 free streaming watch . Two awkward brainiacs must contend with a hot blonde moving in across the hall, and find that quantum theory and applied physics are little help in social situations. An intelligent comedy for the uber nerd in all of us. The main charectors: Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Penny, Howard Wolowitz, Raj Koothrappali. Episode Season 1 Episode Sheldon Cooper Raj Koothrappali Trailer spoiler Raj Koothrappali New latest Penny sitcomFrom:rossanasosayaViews:00ratingsTime:07:30More inFilm & Animation