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BY PAUL ROLFEANCHOR ANA COMPAIN-ROMEROYou're watching multisource environment news analysis from Newsy.Did Glenn Beck take a Van Jones speech out of context? The Fox News host accuses green jobs advocate Van Jones of encouraging young activists to -- not quite “kill the parents”, but at least disobey them.Beck: “These radicals are the same radicals that used to tell each other in the 1960s, ‘Don’t trust anybody over thirty. Don’t trust your parents!’ Bill Ayers said, ‘Kill the parents! Kill your parents!’ ... Now they’re just saying don’t trust your parents, don’t trust them, don’t listen to them. Teach them. Teach them.” (Media Matters)He compared Jones to controversial activist Bill Ayers. But would teaching parents be a bad thing? Brad Johnson defends Jones on -- saying Beck didn’t let viewers hear the whole clip on his show.“[C]limate leaders Van Jones and Al Gore exhorted the mostly college-age participants to engage with the older generations by asking moral questions about American values … Of course, Beck didn’t let his audience listen to the respectful and honest message Van Jones had for the ‘uncle Joes’ of America.”So what did Jones actually say at the Power Shift conference? Was he calling for radical disobedience? Or conversations that reach across the aisle?Jones: “When your uncle Joe, who loves Fox News, starts talking to you and starts dominating the discussion and starts making you feel small, and that your ideas don’t count and your some kind of bizarre freak ... Shift the power, because this movement is not just for Democrats and it’s not just for lefties, because this movement is for everybody.” (Energy Action)Twelve youth organizers from Power Shift met with White House staffers -- when President Obama made a surprise visit. One of the organizers in the meeting spoke to The Nation -- she says it’s not just people like Beck trying to hush young activists.“[Obama] told us it was our job to push the envelope and it’s his job to govern … That was really reassuring to hear from the president, because we’ve gotten lots of pressure from Big Green groups saying we shouldn’t be criticizing him. I think our meeting [with Obama] shows their strategy isn’t working, and it’s time for young people to be leaders of this movement.”But the conservative Human Events refers to those organizers as ‘indoctrinated green youths’ -- so maybe Jones’ message isn’t as bipartisan as he had hoped.“Obama met with young green socialists on Friday at the White House to talk junk science and push his nutty energy plan. Thousands of young green community organizers were in DC this week at the Power Shift 2011 green youth army summit.”The Power Shift conference in Washington, D.C., also included panels and workshops on clean energy, an opportunity to lobby elected officials, and what organizers call -- the largest grassroots training ever.'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates on your news feedGet more multisource video news anlaysis from NewsyTranscript by Newsy
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