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As usual, running late.

Pesticide exposure has been linked to lower IQs.Senator John Ensign announced late last night that he is resigning. I have extensively talked about John Ensign here and here. He should’ve resigned several years ago. He is a disgrace to the Senate, to the state of Nevada and to the American people.As Neil pointed out, Texas Governor Rick Perry is asking Texans to pray for rain.A new poll of Republicans reveal if you say something often enough people will begin to believe it. 45% of these Republican adults who were polled believe that Obama was not born United States. Simply crazy. So, I guess that they think that the Supreme Court is covering up for Obama? How does that make any sense?You knew it was only a matter of time before we would begin predator strikes in Libya. The time is now. I continue to be more and more disturbed by our military involvement, not just in Libya, but around the world.Representative Keith Ellison spars with Sean Hannity.

What stories are you following? Any thoughts?