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Director Sidney Lumet, who passed away April 9 at the age of 86, may not have been a "name" director, like Steven Spielberg or Alfred Hitchcock (at least not to the general public), but you certainly know the names of his films.

From 1957's '12 Angry Men,' to 'Dog Day Afternoon,' 'Serpico' and 'Network,' in the '70s and 'The Verdict,' in 1982, Lumet's movies were searing documents that questioned the social issues of their day. Far from being dated, his movies from each era remain as current and as relevant as ever.

(Just go on Youtube to see how many fan mash-ups there are of 'Network's cautionary message about over-reliance on spoon-fed media.)

His movies featured towering performances from Al Pacino, Henry Fonda and Paul Newman, ones that are still considered among their finest work.

Read on to see our list of Lumet's best films.

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