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"Singularity" - The Exotic Aquatic; Geeknotes: Chicago Poetry Stuff, PSH Live, The Book Is Cooking...; Open Mic Stage: "I'm Not Your Man" - The Doughboys, "Pressure To Grow" - Amiri Baraka, "Global Pimping" - Lady Luck, "Demo Two" - Andrew Ryan Guilfoy, "WHATCHAGONNADO?" - Kindred Souls, "Air Raid" - Deborah L. Humphreys, "Barfly" - One in the Chamber, "The Yellow Flower" - William Carlos Williams, "Gracie In My Dreams" - Sleep Station, "Party With Villians" - Lady Radiator; Map Room: A Photographic Memory in a Pill, Flowering Plants May Be Considerably Older Than Previously Thought, Eco-Friendly Homes Made From Recycled Plastic, Blocks of Life Bubbling in the Orion Nebula; Venue Verite: "Please Master" - Allen Ginsberg; Music Bed: Flying High," "Above The Clouds" - Yo' Mama, "Waking Run" - Herman Ashley