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Filed under: Cinematical

Over the past 100-plus years of Hollywood moviemaking, audiences have seen countless depictions of what humankind might do in response to an extraterrestrial encounter -- greet visitors with gunfire, give them Reese's Pieces, upload a virus into their Mac-compatible mainframe, sneeze on them, etc. The industry's latest alien invasion movie, 'Battle: Los Angeles,' arrives in theaters this week, and director Jonathan Liebesman took the unusual approach of trying to show how civilians and military personnel might actually respond in the event of an attack.

At the Los Angeles press day for the film, Cinematical spoke to two military experts, Capt. Robert Salas, and Col. Charles Hart, both of whom experienced actual UFO encounters, and they offered their opinions about the film's authenticity. Additionally, the duo revealed a few details about how the government might respond should extraterrestrials descend upon the planet, and interestingly, what we might be able to learn from even fictional films about aliens should we encounter a real one in the future.

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