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This weekend the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out the Oscars for best movies of 2010 and the Razzies hand out their awards for the worst movies of 2010. But first, I have my own belated movie awards to dish out: the annual tradition of taking one last jab at the worst direct-to-DVD horror movies of 2010. The pain... The pain...

Yeah, I realize it's almost March of 2011, a little late to be doing a worst of list for last year. It wouldn't be a Foyeurism if it was actually recorded in a timely manner. That this one got recorded at all was a triumph unto itself. So join Uncle Creepy and yours truly as I laugh and vent for about an hour over the ten direct-to-DVD horror movies that stole precious minutes from my life that someday on my death bed I will so very much wish I had back.

Plus we have actual sound bites from some of the skewered films, the fun of getting quoted out of context on DVD releases (I have since been informed that the UK Asylum release I speak of was not the case after all), why bad movies that know they're bad aren't nearly as much fun as bad movies that aren't designed to be so, and a very special appearance by freight trains.

It's the better late than never tenth edition of the Foycast. Listen if you dare (or have absolutely nothing better to do with your life). It's a countdown of sorrows this time round. Enjoy!