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Her subject was the lives of women at a time when women were hungry for stories and images examining their own realities. In Barbara Hanrahan's home town of Adelaide, the place she fled for many years, describing it as the most class ridden on earth, her images of women -- fierce, disturbing, mysterious, sweet, nurturing... contradictory and confronting, continue to inhabit the walls and minds of the people who experienced her art. But it wasn't only women; it was ordinary people who fascinated her and that, under her gaze, became strange and exotic creatures.Extra Audio:A very personal interview with Barbara Hanrahan from ABC RN's Profile, 17/4/84, talking about her printmaking (14'00", 6.5MB)Interview with Barbara Hanrahan from ABC RN's First Edition, 27/8/87, about why she writes about 'ordinary people', people who are often overlooked or forgotten (7'30", 3.5MB)Interview recorded in late 2010 with members of the award winning Barbara Hanrahan Community Tapestry project. Almost ten years after her death, they began creating striking woven images based on her prints. (20'00", 8.1MB)