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You guys here on youtube showed much interest in my photography when I showed some of it in my recent review video on the Canon EOS 60D DSLR ( ) So I thought you may enjoy some new stuff I just shot with a new Lens;This is my first attempt at night / low light photography in many MANY years, I really love how light works at these levels, always have done, I'm fascinated by it.I only took one lens with me, the Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 USM -- which, on the 1.6 crop sensor in my 60D, works out as the ever classic, "Fast 50″ that's so popular with snappers because the way thy render perspective and field of view closely matches that of the human eye.This is also the first time I've shot with a prime lens in an extremely long time, and I love it.If you're curious about technique, Almost all of these were shot hand-held at ISO 1600 and with the lens aperture wide open at F1.8, there are also some long exposure shots mounted on a tripod or simply sitting the camera on a convenient solid flat surface. they were shot at ISO100 to ISO640 with a 30 second exposure.the shot of the Taxi was handheld and accomplished using a slow shutter speed, and tracking the car as it moves while exposing the shot, which means unless you're panning at the EXACT speed of the car, it'll blur and look like shit, get it right though and the background blurs enhancing the sense of speed and movement.Same technique was used on the electric scooter shot but with the added challenge of only getting one chance, not too many motorised scooters running past this time of night unlike cars which I had many attempts at.I also wasn't ready, I spotted him 30 meters away, moving at a quick jogging pace, had to set up the camera to the right mode, set shutter speed, and then get the shot... didn't get it perfect, but it's damn well good enough and looks neat :)You can also view the full set on my Flickr Page