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With all the tumult in the world around us, many of us are feeling our energy fractured. We may be feeling pressure and not truly recognize where that pressure is coming from. There may be a feeling of desperation and no real connection to where that desperation is coming from. And my feeling is that this is all good. We need to be feeling this now and recognize that we all can do something about it. It is time for a shift of a positive kind.

We Have All Had Enough

The uprisings we see before us – mean that beings have all had enough

They’ve hit the wall with those leaders who are feeding them nothing but stuff

The difference between response and reaction can be the difference between failure and win

Most of us feel that we need to yell so loud instead of using that power within

Yet the yelling reminds other people that we must stand up for what we believe

Now when we decide that we’ve had enough – we can choose a new way to be

These “yellers” should be well admired for being willing to risk being shot

Now it’s time to stop the resistance and respond with those tools that we’ve got

These tools are inherent within us – they are led by the love in our heart

So the good news is there’s no need to wait – Right now is a good time to start

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