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If ever someone comes into your life, who perhaps behaves in a way that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, it is important to recognize that fear. The person, who is behaving that way, no doubt is aware that they are “different”. You, however, as a responsible being, owe it to yourself to face that fear, acknowledge it and accept that fear as your own and let it go. It is then important that you come into a responsible agreement as to how you will be with that person. It is not permissible to shun that being.

Be responsible, be accepting that this person is being the only way they know how; act in a way that is in integrity with how you would be treated if you were the”different” one. People know when they are being shunned; they may be different but they also may not be ignorant. This can be a huge lesson in breaking through the fear.

In closing, in a way of letting go of the fear, you can bring in the Quadruple A Solution. Acknowledge, Accept, Agree and then Ask (ask yourself, “Am I being kind?”)