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Do you have 90+ minutes and nothing better to do than listen to us ramble on for an hour-and-a-half about the year in horror cinema that was and whatever else springs to mind? If not, oh, is this ever the wrong Dinner For Fiends for you.

Uncle Creepy, Buz, Foywonder, and special guest fiend AJ Bowen (The Signal, Hatchet II, House of the Devil) gather round the campfire for a super-sized Dinner for Fiends discussing an endless amount of topics on and off the subject of recapping the disappointing horror year of 2010.

More love for Piranha 3D.

More hate for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

Are psychological thrillers truly horror films?

Reasons the horror genre gets such a bad rap.

The greatness and madness of Werner Herzog and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.

How much better horror programming on television has become of late.

"I thought Human Centipede was a SyFy movie about a guy with a hundred legs!"

Somehow AJ Bowen and I get into a heated debate over Tron: Legacy that I'm still not sure how it happened or why other than I was in a cranky moood and that movie really sucks.

If for no other reason you'll want to tune in to hear tales of an inebriated Tony Todd.

A long show with so many topics I can't even remember enough to list here.

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