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This is a sort of change of pace show for me.
There is something about The Fall Season that lends itself to a certain melancholy, a wistfulness, as the days get shorter and the nights colder.
That is the case here, as I will be playing more topical Songs For Autumn, and even dip into that Great American Songbook.
For example, the Leaves are a popular song topic at this time of year.
Included is one by Eva Cassidy- the sad story of that artist should be known to you.
She died so young in 1996 and become a star in 1998, too late to reap the benefits.
Although this is November, we’ll hear music about October.
Hey, come along with me- it’s radio and it can be anytime, anywhere or anything your imagination can muster.
We’ll hear my favorite October song- written by Dan Fogelberg, but this time done by his backup band, who called themselves Fool’s Gold.
Interspersed throughout will be some Popular Folk Sayings about Autumn from the Farmer’s Almanac, etc.
And a fascinating Cherokee explanation of Autumn.
In this chapter we chill out, as more and more, outdoors there is a chill out!
Suggested listening time is a cold night.
But I am greatly pleased ANY time you listen, lol!
Hope you enjoy it…it’s the way I way I was feeling that day, and maybe you can relate.