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Lubbock, Texas - NewsChannel 11 is continuing to follow a developing situation at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, where a plane crashed Tuesday at 4:37 a.m. in a freezing mist.

The airplane is reportedly a FedEx ATR-42, which is a cargo twin-turboprop aircraft. Officials say the plane originated at the Fort Worth Alliance Airport, and came down in Lubbock at the end of the runway, veered off and caught fire.

Airport officials say the weather was not a factor in the crash.

Airport first responders are joined by the Lubbock Police and Fire Departments. Firefighters are continuing to monitor hot spots.

FedEx officials say both pilots are safe, but were taken to University Medical Center for a complete evaluation.

* 52 year old male from Portland Oregon is in satisfactory condition.

26 year old female from Tacoma Washington was treated and released.

The aircraft is reportedly between the taxiway and a runway.

FedEx flights intended for Lubbock are now being rerouted to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The airport was closed immediately after the crash, but has since resumed some operations. At least seven flights were delayed, and more are possible.