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This is a demo of a Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight which I previously owned. It's a very nice, small and lightweight amp with plenty of volume despite its small size (it's rated at 250W..) I like this amp a lot, but after I got my Axe-Fx Ultra and my Atomic Reactor FR's, I don't need it anymore, so now I'm selling it. It's solid-state, but it has a very "tube-like" sound, plus a few extras that a regular tube amp normally don't have; 16 built-in DSP effects on each channel, balanced speaker-emulated line out, tuner/mute switch, magnetic "docking" between the amp and cabinet (very cool!), and it weighs around half of a regular 1x12 tube combo (just 11kg/24 lbs!) This amp seems to be one of Fender's little "secrets" though, they're hard to find, and I couldn't find any demos of it either, so I decided to make one myself. It actually seems like Fender has discontinued it now, too. But it has been very well received by jazz guitarists and others who have been lucky enough to try or buy it.. Obviously it's targeted specially at jazz guitarists, but it offers a lot more than just nice clean jazz sounds, and I hope this demo will show that. The clean channel sounds equally great for jazz, funk or Dire Straits-type clean sounds, and the lead channel can give you anything from a little crunch, via classic blues/rock sounds, to modern high gain sounds. And the line out actually sounds pretty good, too. For the audio recording for this video I used both the Line Out and a Shure SM57 ...