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The best condensed summary of true history I have seen within 2 hours. Amazingly done. Many clips obtained for this movie have never been seen before in public. He uncovered more of George H. Bush's speeches mentioning the NWO....and shed light on some of the true character of these people. Just enough to keep a new comers attention (brings them gradually into the truths) and yet he makes it interesting to (I would guess) even the most novice on this subject. That is hard to do. Fall of the republic was too repetitive for me, but great for some. This video is one you can hand out to anyone and they will not look at you strange the next day. How could someone not believe with these clear facts. It's a safe one to hand out at church too, if you have the guts.. Just great work, it lives up to the hype plus some! All I'd change is to add a tiny bit in the end to sum up who has been standing up for us for over 35 years against this invisible empire, with no appreciation or support until now. Thanks Ron Paul for telling this to us for years...This First Clip has the best line in my opinion...when he refers to the september 11th attacks ."I was pissed."http://girls4ronpaul.comThink I will upload the full movie on my site at or (if my server has any room left on it)Check out if ya can!This isn't my day job or