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Because the first one wasn't blasphemous enough.This version was the opening of Moral Oral Season 3 Episode 3 "Innocence" The images are all taken from Google Images.I hate you Jeezus,You rotten little fink,Your sermon never pleases,And your parables all stinkYour eyes are beady,Nose is weird,A goofy basket case,I'd like to take your stupid beardAnd rip it off your face.Prancing gaily on the water,A long-haired scrawny clod,You may be someone's daughter,BUTYou sure ain't the Son ofGod God God God God God God God.God I hate you JeezusWith Your boring miracles,You smell like a hundred cheeses have beenShoved right upShoved right upShoved right up our nose!Wow, everyone sure hates Jesus.