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We proudly present you with our second episode, dedicated to our favorite summer fruit, the TOMATO! Here’s how it all breaks down…..

Opening: (00:00:00-00:01:33)

Segment 1: The Root (00:01:34-00:18:15)

We explore the history and mythology behind that delectable love apple, the tomato, from it’s maligned beginnings to its rise as a pop culture icon.

Segment 2: The Field (00:19:12-00:32:45)

An exclusive interview with the ultimate tomato expert, proprietor of Eckerton Hill Farm and writer of Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer, Tim Stark.

Segment 3: The Method (00:33:12-00:37:40)

Where we learn the proper procedure for peeling and sun-drying tomatoes.

Segment 4: The Table (00:38:25-00:42:12)

We sit down with one of our listeners to answer a question from last month’s episode, how do you use duck, quail, or goose eggs?

Closing (00:42:13-00:44:14)

Make sure to keep checking the website for exclusive interviews, recipes, and videos, and of course, for our upcoming episode, HONEY!