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Here are some 3D lenticular images I have made, using computer graphics. They are not holograms, strictly speaking but are quite similar in some ways as they give a very nice, solid looking 3D effect without the need for special glasses, and the viewer can move around to view different parts of the scene (within a certain viewing angle.)The first 2 use a 60 lens per inch (lpi) sheet, which gives good detail, but limits me to 10 frames, resulting in slightly jerky transitions. The last 2 use a much coarser 20lpi sheet, allowing for 30 frames, giving very nice smooth animation, but poor resolution. The 20lpi ones look better on the video I think but the 60lpi ones look nicer in real life (the 3d depth effect isnt really visible on the video, and helps to 'hide' the jerky movement I find.)Hope you enjoy them!