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Part 3/16 of: The Global 2012 Platform ~ Your World IS Changing by nibirushock / frombabeltoireland. (the 2012 NWO Agenda) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The final date of Bush senior's official public United Nations New World Order announcement was after Operation Desert Storm in his victory speech to a joint session of Congress on 03/06/1991, precisely a half year after the first official public NWO announcement on 09/11/1990. The dates 09/11/1990 and 09/11/1991 (=09 911 911) are of extreme numerological value to the Elite, especially when taking in account the fact that they used Venus rising related dates for their false flag terror attacks/tactics. On 03/06/1991, six months after 09/11/1990, Bush senior publicly announced the UN-NWO was "coming into view." Bush senior spoke these words precisely a half year after his first public NWO speech "Toward A New World Order" on 09/11/1990. On the time and date (03/06/1991) that Bush senior publicly announced the NWO was "coming into view," the Gulf War had ended (operation Desert Storm in IRAQ) and their "occult ritual circle" of the Earth around the Sun was half completed. The completion of this circle was on the date 09/11/1991. A full year after 09/11/1990. Another interesting fact is that the digits extracted from the date of the final NWO speech on 03/06/1991 make the numerological value: 00 369 911. It symbolizes the TRINITY aspect (369) as well as 9/11. No coincidences here ...