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(R)evolution of Rock Guitar - Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Ultra Preamp/Effects processor - Part I - Played by Ketil Strand. This is a new version of my "Evolution of Rock Guitar" videos, which is also a demo of my new Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx Ultra Pre-amp/Effects processor. Most of the tracks are the same as in the original version, but I've taken away a few and added some new ones instead. This time I used the Axe-Fx Ultra exclusively for all guitar sounds and effects and recorded it direct in Cubase, no extra "tricks" done in the mix or anything, it's all coming from the Axe-Fx (except the backing tracks of course..) But I'm using many different guitars as shown and mentioned in the video. I've also mentioned some of the amp types and effects from the Axe-Fx that I'm using on the different tracks, if anybody should need specific details about specific parameters and stuff, please contact me (the Axe-Fx has thousands of parameters to adjust..). European distributor of Fractal Audio/Axe-Fx: Please check out my new solo album; «Axe-Files», where I'm using my Axe-Fx Ultra exclusively. It's available for purchase/download here: plus on several other digital music download sites.