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"G20/ +-Protest is Gay" [mc nicomedy2010 anti-eurobeat mixx; aka "G20 Protest is Gay" [the LRAD MC nicomedy2010 vs. PD/G105/FEL-mixx ;] - a new fluxuid counter culture remixx by former transgression comedian, DJ and VJ nicohitler' aka nicointelpro etc..., turning into MC 'tacky' nicomedy2010 ["thames 13.1 noise productions" formerly vs. RaytheonFreegan Culteeees 15.x ;]see also etc...dubstep- and filthstep mix planned in the making asap...., turning into MC 'tacky' nicomedy2010 ["thames 13.1 noise productions" formerly vs. RaytheonFreegan Culteeees 15.x ;][* very very special thx to Vl.][with additional inspirations to S. + M. plus "Thames13.1 noise productions" ; ]The events at the recent G20 protest had been pretty much staged for both establishment under- and overground media. First a sting operation-arrest, obscured into some blackwaterish reality tv hangout bull for alex jones, to also keep the DemocracyNow-/WeAre Change Scientology/old school-CIA- douche/brainwashed leftgatekeeper front busy -but in reality, to distract from a) G20 competitor SCO ["new OPEC with Weapons"; which are drilling wargames between U.S., China and Russia every 2 years], BRIC [goldman sachs front, not mentioned by CoOp- wanna be b) coOP-attempt-pseudo journalists Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) and Max Keiser (TV France 24 ; occasionally sampled by my mashup DJ buddy "Staticagenda")] and of course c) privatized Kazachstan/EADS european electronic space defense Industry around the 9/11 perps, then also with distractive 'smokescreen'- teargas for the NY TIMES, then authentic footage from *first time used* LRAD accustic weapons, to make the ['anarchist'-]blackBloc 'angry' ;It was really time for a remixx by mc 'straight' nicomedy2010 ; planned a long time ago, not only the new motto is "WAR IS GAY", but also "the GAY20 aka G20 is GAY", lol ;Mash it up, straight babee ; -the anti-XADS-StunStrike-PD/G 105 mixx ;co-'produced' by American Technology Corp. and ready for dubstepforum and soundcloud in an mp3 version only, coz my video-edit is too fluxus-messed up right now.No new equipment ready, new jobs too slow and the ObaMATRIX still suxx too ;sources: archives @[ ] ;After use of LRAD Accustic Weapons at G20: WashTimes "Sales Report" distracts from DEW+ Weapon Business...'13 hours ago' from Bookmarklet [October 03, 2009]...means the coOpted 'blackBloc' will continue *not* to focus on the bigger picture of privatized Electronic Defense Space Industry. Of course also the miniaturized mobile version of DEW+ x, so called ADS or even the taser versions as in ray-guns, or XADS' StunStrike, Screech, Laser Dazzlers, PD/G 105 [used in Iraq] etc... therefore haven't been used at the G20. [i wrote about StunStrike and Dazzlers as potential use for [privatized] police, in 2007] Instead LRAD was captured here: [388,490 views, also promoted by PrisonPlanet]... The use of LRAD at the G20 appears therefore as some political, provocative smokescreen on Purpose ; +++ Police Buy Military-Style Sonic Devices Friday, October 2, 2009 "...Officers were captured last week on video using the devices against protesters at the Group of 20 summit in Pittsburgh, causing many tocover their ears or disperse to escape the shrieking sound.San Diego-based American Technology Corp. insists the devices it manufactures and sells are not intended to be used as sonic weapons...The American Tinnitus Association said Wednesday that protesters at the G-20 summit were acoustically assaulted with sound of over 140 decibels...The purchase of LRADs by police agencies in the U.S. is approved by the Homeland Security Department..." ; see also '9/11 "EuroSpace Outside Job"' ; Decoding History: 9/11 "EuroSpace Outside Job [plus mirror at cplanet] ; History of Directed Energy Weapons nicopedia nicolumbia nicolumbo nicointelpro ewing2001 friendfeed straight xploitation wq2rx EADS dubstepforum soundcloudps: greetings to ATLAH Worldwide on Twitter ;