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Evolution of Rock Guitar (the Real Guitar Heroes..) - part IV.This is a follow-up to my videos Evolution of Rock Guitar parts I, II and III.In these videos Im presenting many of the most important guitarists/bands in the history of Rock Guitar, as seen through my eyes..For each artist/band mentioned, Im playing a short excerpt from one or a few of their songs, and by using different guitars, effects etc. Im trying to recreate the original in my own way.Of course a presentation like this inevitably will be influenced by personal preferences and taste, but Ive tried to be as objective as possible. So please forgive me if you think Ive left someone out or included others that shouldnt be here, like I said, this is my version..I hope Im able to honor all these amazing artists and songs, that is at least my intention.All lead guitar parts are played by me as seen in the video, and most of the backing tracks were found on the internet (thanks to all you guys out there making great backing tracks!)Im using my Digitech Brian May Red Special pedal(/preamp) plugged straight into the mixer on all the tracks except Cabin Fever (Steve Morse), where Im using my Native Instruments Guitar Combos plug-in software in Cubase. No amp or other pedals used!I added misc. plug-ins and effects from Cubase (eq, compression, delay, reverb etc.).All audio recorded and mixed in Cubase.www.ketilstrand.comPlease check out my new solo album; «Axe-Files», available for purchase/download here: on several other digital music download sites.