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This film was recorded for a special poetry event at the FACT Centre in Liverpool. The poetry reading takes place in The Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden.I took famous poems and bounced them, line-by-line, through a series of automated Internet translation programs (mostly Babelfish). Once I'd translated, I deleted any words I didn't like, then put it back into the translator again. After approx 1,000 translations, the poems had become a completely new text, divorced from its original author and lawsuits regarding Intellectual Property.I began collaborating with my computer on writing poetry about 12 years ago. However, I have learnt a series of chilling facts about my co-author that have led me to fear and eventually despise it. A bit like what happened to Simon and Garfunkle. That is, if Art Garfunkle turned out to be a semiotic timebomb buried deep in the heart of our global communication network. Which in many ways he was.I'm giving a lecture on my CGP project at Imperial College London on the 4th December 2008.More computer-generated poems can be read at