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Sad but dangerous Nazi tosser Neil Lewington was convicted at The Old Bailey after being arrested at Lowestoft railway station for urinating in public and racially abusing a female train conductor. Neil Lewington was searched by police and found in possession of 2 home-made bombs. A search of his parents house in Tilehurst (Reading) revealed a bomb factory in Lewington's bedroom. The search also uncovered gun-powder, explosive and poisonous weed-killer, fire-lighters, diagrams showing how to convert tennis balls into shrapnel bombs, electrical timers and bomb detonators. A notebook labelled "Waffen SS UK Members Handbook" included bomb wiring diagrams and chemical mixtures.The police search also found videos of atrocities carried out by the former BNP events steward and London nail-bomber David Copeland, and by the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. David Copeland launched a murder campaign to encourage black people to attack whites, in order to get whites to (quote) "vote BNP"... Copeland and Timothy McVeigh admitted their crimes were inspired by a book called The Turner Diaries, which was written under the pseudonym "Andrew MacDonald" by an American Nazi called William Pierce, who was invited by the BNP to speak alongside current BNP official Richard Edmonds at BNP meetings. Failed BNP Euro election candidate Nick Cass has the logo of William Pierce's own Nazi group tattooed on his arm... Lewington was arrested after travelling to date a woman he'd met through an internet chat-room. One previous date said she had been put off when Neil Lewington made racist remarks, another (an Army cadet sergeant) said Neil Lewington asked if she'd dealings with the Nazi group Combat 18 - which was founded by BNP members to provide security for BNP officials and meetings.As well as their obvious Islamo-Fascist counterparts, convicted UK terrorists include failed BNP councillor Robert Cottage, BNP member Ellis Hammond, senior BNP official Tony Lecomber, BNP sticker distributor Nathan Worrell, the current BNP Hereford branch founder Lambertus Nieuwhof, and the current BNP Croydon candidate Charlotte Lewis.